The collaborators of the Microbial Ecology Group - Verbania


Here is a list of scientists with active cooperations with the MEG. More info on their researches are available at their institutional pages

samepeople2in Italy
Stefano Amalfitano (CNR-IRSA Rome)  link
Antonio Battisti (IZSLT Rome)  link 
Francesca Biavasco (UnivPM Ancona)  link
Sara Borin (University of Milan)  link
Fabio Bulleri (University of Pisa)  link 
Andrea Cardini (University of Modena & R.Emilia)  link 
Mauro Celussi (OGS Triest)  link
Manuela Coci (Microb&co Catania)  link 
Mauro Gobbi (MUSE Trento)  link
Angelina Lo Giudice (CNR-IAMC Messina)  link
Carmen Losasso (IZSVe Padua)  link 
Livia Lucentini (Perugia University)  link
Gian Marco Luna (CNR-ISMAR Venice)  link
Francesca Mapelli (University of Milan)  link 
Ulrike Obertegger (FEM San Michele all'Adige)  link
Graziano Pesole (CNR-IBBE Bari)  link
Antonia Ricci (IZSVe Padua)  link 
Marco Curini-Galletti (University of Sassari)  link
Antonio Todaro (University of Modena & R.Emilia) link
Giuseppe Ru (IZSP Turin)  link
Raffaella Sabatino (Ist. Auxologico Italiano Piancavallo)  link
Luigi Rizzo (Salerno University) link