Sven Iburg
Post-doctoral fellow



Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+39 0323 518321 (Telephone)
+39 0323 556513 (Fax)

National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Water Research Institute (IRSA)
Largo Tonolli 50, 28922 Verbania Pallanza, Italy

Broad research topics: Microbial & molecular ecology, biodiversity, whole-community genomics and interactions between bacteria and microeukaryotes.

Research interests: The main thread in my research has been the diversity and composition of microbial communities (both bacteria and microeukaryotes) and how these communities interact with eachother and their environments. By exploring the molecular mechanisms behind these interactions, I hope to find out more on how these assemblages behave as a whole and respond to a changing world, which hardly ever is as a mere sum of their parts.

Projects: At MEG, I work as post-doc on the ideARG project, studying the mechanisms of bacterial antibiotic resistance gene (ARG) aqcuisition, transfer, and distribution in Lake Maggiore. While the spread and evolution of antimicrobial resistance genes has been a growing concern to public health globally, it's an exciting target that even very recently revealed there's still much to discover on how these genetic elements work and, rather than just deter, serve as a means of communitication and recruitment/selection within as well as across entire microbial communities.


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