Gianluca Corno
 Senior researcher

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+39 0323 518321 (Telephone)
+39 0323 556513 (Fax)
Broad research specialisms: Ecological interactions, Ecology of aquatic microbial communities, Experimental microbial ecology, System ecology, Antibiotic resistance and resistance acquisition mechanisms in the environment and not only. I work on interactions between microbes, primarily by studying bacterial coexistence in controlled environments (experimental microbial ecology).
Research interests: I like to use microbes as model organisms to test general ecological theories (community response to natural stressors, interactions prey-predators, competition and/or cooperation between species, resistance and resilience of microbial communities). I try to define trends and ecological models to apply the ecological theory to concrete problems associated with bacteria (mostly in marine and freshwaters, but also in soils and human gut) including microbial blooms, antibiotic resistance, and spread of pathogenic bacteria.
Research projects: I am currently PI, national PI, or RU leader in 3 international and 5 national projects. They deal with microbial coaggregation and cooperation; Impact of predation and competition on microbial model systems; Natural antibiotics resistance, and impact of AB on community resilience; Genotype-phenotype relation in aquatic bacteria; Ecology and colonization of stressed systems; Marine microbial ecology and evolution, limnology of large or remote lakes and of wastewaters; Wastewater management and implementation of advanced treatment systems.

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