Jordi-Rene Mor



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+39 0323 518363 (Telephone)
+39 0323 556513 (Fax)

National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Water Research Institute (IRSA)
Largo Tonolli 50, 28922 Verbania Pallanza, Italy

Broad research specialisms: Ecology, Food web, Community ecology, Functional traits, Energy transfer, Freshwater Ecology, Anthropogenic stressors

Research interests:  I like to integrate theoretical and methodological insights from food web- and trait-based ecology to characterize the mechanisms that drive community assembly. My long-term goal is to develop a well-rounded comprehension of ecosystems, with a special attention to the trophic interactions.

Research projects: At the MEG, I am working with Dr. Diego Fontaneto using rotifers as a model organism to determine at what extend basal resources determine consumers richness at different trophic levels.

2019: Ph.D. in Water Science and Technology (section: Ecology), Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA) - University of Girona.

2012: M.Sc. in Water Science and Technology, University of Girona.

2022: Margarita Salas Fellow - Post-Doc at the MEG of the CNR-IRSA, Verbania (Italy).
2020-2022: Post-Doc at the CNR-IRSA, Verbania (Italy)



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