Cristiana Callieri
Associate Researcher
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+39 0323 518321 (Telephone)
+39 0323 556513 (Fax)
Field of interest: Aquatic Microbial Ecology

Research development in the last 5 years: Phylogenetic and ecophysiologic approach to the study of freshwater and marine Synechococcus; Picocyanobacteria microcolony formation and their ecological role, Biodiversity of microbial communities; Analysis of temporal series of parameters of the organic carbon in lakes (TOC, DOC, TEP)

Activities: Retired senior researcher, active as Associate in the Aquatic Microbial Ecology Group (MEG) of the IRSA-CNR Institute of Verbania; Responsible scientist in the International Cooperation Projects CNR-BAS (Bulgaria); Invited speakers in many European Research Institutes; Teaching in Doctorate Courses abroad; Associate Editor of the Journal of Limnology.

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