Alessia Buono
Master Student


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+39 0323 518363 (Telephone)

With us at the MEG: I am a master’s student in “Science and Technology for Environmental and Resource” at the University of Parma and I am working at the MEG on my master’s thesis under the supervision of Diego Fontaneto.

I am here to perform research about the genus Embata, a bdelloid rotifer. The organisms of this genus are epibionts, so we research them on different freshwater invertebrates acting as hosts, collected at different sites.

I will use DNA-based analysis on epibionts and hosts, using an amplicon-based approach (working with COI and 18S as genetic markers). The goal of my work is to expand the knowledge about this genus and to obtain a dataset of information to understand the ecology of these animals (e.g. if they have preferences for some hosts and why).