Pamela Sagoleo
Master Student


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+39 0323 518349 (Telephone)

With us at the MEG: I am a Master's student in "Experimental and Applied Biology" at the University of Pavia.

I am working at the MEG on my master's thesis under the supervision of Dr.
Emanuele Ferrari and Dr. Laura Garzoli.
We are studing the fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans, responsible for the white nose disease which affects several species of bats in different areas of the world including Italy.
The aim of our research is the -omics study of the response of this fungus to different growth conditions, analyzing the effects of different temperatures on its proteome and secretome.
The research is carried out using Pseudogymnoascus destructans strains isolated from bats in Northern Italy caves.
The final goal of our work is to expand the knowledge about the fungus and evaluate possible interventions linked to a larger bat protection project.