Chiara Gini
Post-doctoral fellow


chiara gini2

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+39 0323 518349 (Telephone)
+39 0323 556513 (Fax)

National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Water Research Institute (IRSA)
Largo Tonolli 50, 28922 Verbania Pallanza, Italy

Broad research topics: Bioinformatics analysis of microbial communities, microbial & molecular ecology, biodiversity, antimicrobial resistance.

Research interests: Meta-genomics data analysis of aquaculture environments in the context of antimicrobial resistance spread. I started my career as biotechnologist, and slowly shifted to data analysis during my PhD. Working in the veterinary field, I had the opportunity to develop the skills to work inside the "black box" that stands between sequencing results and published articles. Currently, I have refined amplicon sequencing analysis skills, and developing those regarding the whole-community genomics

Projects: Here at MEG, I have been involved in the SPARE-SEA project, which aims to study the impact of oyster acquaculture across Europe ( My role will be to assess the first comprehensive microbiome of oysters’ aquaculture systems, by defining the microbial community, the resistome and the pathobiome of oyster farms with a different degree of productivity in Europe. The aim is to allow a first assessment of the impact of oyster farms in coastal areas in Europe, as well as the effects of anthropogenic pollution on the bacteriological risks related to the farmed oysters. I am also involved in AQST, ALPYR and CIPAIS projects, for which I would mine the bacterial communities metagenomic data, to provide information regarding the ecological status with a particular attention  to antimicrobial resistance spread.


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